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◆ Jun. 2002: Changsha Yuao Pharmaceutical Company was transformed into Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Company after equity transition.
◆ Jan. 2004: The construction and certificatin of GMP premise was completed and put into production.
◆ Sep. 2009: Shareholding system transformation was accomplished and the company becomes Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
◆ Dec. 2009: Hunan Fangsheng Huamei Biopharma Inc. was established.
◆ Apr. 2010: Hunan Xiangya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was acquired and held by Fangsheng.
◆ Nov. 2010: The construction of the 150-mu Fangsheng inductrial park was initiated for the expansion of the industrial scale.
◆ Aug. 2011: The first-staged main construction of Fangsheng industrial park was accomplished.
◆ Feb. 2013: The first-staged Fangsheng industrial park was certified according to the new brand GMP and was put into production, which promoted the industrial upgrade.
◆ Sep. 2013: Fangsheng Pharma invested and built a wholly-owned subsidiary named Changsha Baoyuan TCM Materials Co. Ltd, which was renamed Hunan Fangsheng Medicine Co., Ltd.
◆ Oct. 2013: The second-staged Fangsheng industrial park was initiated.
◆ Dec. 2014: Fangsheng pharma was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and entered the capital market.
◆ Jan. 2015: Fangsheng Pharma invested and established Hunan FangshengYuchen biotechnology Co., Ltd

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