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Fangsheng wins "China Famous Brand" boosting brand building to a new level


Recently, the good news came from the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, that "Fangsheng" trademark of the company was identified as "China Famous Brand ", thus achieving the breakthrough up from zero in “China Famous Brand”. The company joins the list of the famous Chinese brands.

"China Famous Brand", it is the result of the implementation of the brand developing strategy and the symbol of the strength of the brand, the reflection of value of the brand, and it is the symbol that the brand construction work has made a new leap. Fangsheng Pharma will take this as an opportunity to constantly promote the brand construction and devote itself to building the international influence of hundred-year national brand and become one of the leading enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry.
Fangsheng Pharma pays attention to the construction of production brands as well as enterprise brand. In December, 2013, Meiershu brand of gynaecology series was awarded “Hunan Famous Trademark” by Hunan Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce. Since then, “Hunan Famous Trademark” – “Kingbaby”, “Xinxuean” and “Meiershu” of Fangsheng Pharma lay the foundation of the cultivation of well-known brands.

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